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India’s Largest Assisted Buying/Selling Platform

What is Droom Assist?
Droom Assist provides online assistance and consultation regarding purchase and sale of Cars and Automobiles for Buyers & Sellers. Using disruptive approach and data science, Droom makes each transaction Transparent, Easy, Quick & Trustful.

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Droom Assist provides online assistance and consultation regarding the purchase of cars and automobiles for buyers and sellers by removing stress and anxiety. Using disruptive approach and data science, Droom makes each transaction transparent, easy, quick and trustful. Droom and Droom Assist are available to customers in India, USA and across the globe through mobile (Android and IOS Apps) and web ( platform.

Droom has simplified the buying process of automobiles for all buyers. We have summarized it in 5 easy steps:

-- Find a Vehicle near you from huge listing

-- Build trust and comfort with truthful reviews and evaluation

-- Pay Token Amount covered and refundable under Droom Buyer Protection

-- Meet seller, test drive the vehicle, exchange documents, and make final payment (selling price - token amount)

-- Congratulations! Key is handed over to you

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Trust is most important factor, especially when you are buying a used vehicle from an unknown person or dealer. Droom induced Full Circle Trust program that helps buyers to make a more informed decision and avoid risks.

Droom assures you deal with only trusted and verified sellers, get security for money with token amount (safe and refundable) covered under Droom's Buyer protection, get a comprehensive inspection report of the vehicle, receive maximum information about the vehicle under Seller Declaration, and buy from top rated sellers.

Droom Full Circle Trust includes:

-- Buyer Protection

-- Verified Seller

-- Droom Inspection Repot

-- Seller Declaration

-- Droom Listings

-- Reviews and Ratings

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Droom offers independent, objective, and unbiased automobile inspection reports. These reports are independent and follow Droom's inspection methodology, thus do not favor a seller. A reputed partner of Droom performs the auto inspection on the vehicle you are planning to buy. Droom provides this unbiased report to help you gauge the true value of the vehicle, so you don't end up paying more to the seller.

Know more about Auto Inspection by clicking here

Token Amount is the first payment made by the buyer in order to secure a listing. In simple words it is like a token amount paid through Droom platform so that the vehicle is not sold to anyone else.

Token amount is 2% of the final selling price of the vehicle. Token Amount is fully refundable and covered under Droom Buyer Protection. Buyer pays this fee via Droom platform to commit a transaction. Droom doesn't transfer the token amount to the seller, until you don't confirm the transaction is complete.

Verified seller is a seller whose contact details and information is verified by Droom. Every seller on Droom is a verified seller.

Pro-Seller on Droom is a professional seller that can be an auto dealer, reseller, automobile manufacturer, or broker. He can be a professional dealer dealing in any type of new or used automobiles.

Check more information on Pro-Sellers by clicking here

Fixed Price is the pricing format that allows seller to sell at a non-negotiable price. The selling price is fixed and buyer can't negotiate on it. However, a buyer can apply Droom promotional code to get some discount on it.

Here check our Fixed Price pricing format

Best offer is the pricing format wherein buyer can negotiate on the selling price mentioned. A buyer can make up to 5 best offers to the seller, which he (seller) may select or reject. Multiple registered buyers can make best offers for one listing at a given point of time. A registered buyer can make a best offer only after paying the 2% token amount (2% of selling price mentioned) that's refundable and covered under Droom Buyer Protection.

Here check our Best Offers pricing format

Through Auction pricing format, Droom allows buying and selling of automobiles using a bidding process wherein vehicle is sold to highest bidder. By providing this trading mechanism, we allow buyers to buy vehicles at unique prices. Only registered buyers can participate in the auction and can make unlimited bids. Droom specifies the minimum bid value and the minimum bid increment value. Listing gets deactivated when auction is over, or the highest bidder pays the 2% token amount. The highest bidder is obligated to buy the vehicle, and can meet the seller to close the deal.

Here check our Auction pricing format

After you pay the token amount, the listing is automatically deactivated from our platform and we send you the seller details on your registered email id and mobile number.

You can meet the seller, test drive the vehicle, show it to mechanic, and verify documents before making the final payment. Once you make the final payment transaction is closed and key is handed over to you. Ideally, you should meet the seller and close the deal within the transaction closure period of 5 days.

Droom offers friendly and expert customer support to help you at every step. You can contact us in three ways:

Send us email at:

Call us at or give missed call at: +91-9643437666

Chat with us online through our website