Quicksell Preferred Partner

What is Quicksell?

Source & Sell Vehicles Quickly

With Quicksell, auto dealers can source vehicles quickly and earn more money, while individuals can sell their vehicles in
48 hours with 10-second pricing.

How QuickSell Works?


Vehicle is Listed for


Buyer Gets Real
Time Alert


Vehicle is Put for Live Auction.
Buyer Can also make an Offer or
Buy at the Selling Price


Buyer Pays Token
Amount 2% Online


Seller Accepts


Remaing Amount
is Settled Offline


Buyer Takes Possession
of Vehicle

What is QuickSell Preferred Partnership?

  • Quicksell preferred partner is an exclusive program run by Droom. A Quicksell Preferred partner gets exclusive access to thousands
    of used vehicles at great prices.

  • Procure faster, sell more vehicles and earn more by becoming a
    Quicksell Preferred partner.

Who Can Become QuickSell Preferred Partner?

  • All used Vehicles

How to become a QuickSell Preferred Partner

Step 1: Log in with your Pro-Seller account

Step 2: Accept the Terms & Conditions

Step 3: Get a QuickSell
Preferred Partner
Badge & grow
your business

Why become QuickSell Preferred Partner?

Participate In Transparent Auctions

Simple, zero pressure, friendly Online Auctions

Reserve With Only 2% Token

No Heavy charges just to book vehicle

Pay Full Amount When You See Vehicle

Check vehicle with Seller and pay only when you like

No Middle-Man Markup

Directly Deal with seller, we do not add any markup

How does QuickSell Preferred Partnership work?


Set alerts whenever a vehicle of your choice is listed in your preferred location


Bid on a QuickSell vehicle of your choice


If you are the lucky highest bidder, pay token amount


Get the vehicle in 48 hrs from the seller and Grow Your Business


Log in to your Store Manager account and go to ‘Visit QuickSell Marketplace’ link. You can see all the listings which are available or coming soon on QuickSell. You can either bid on auction, buy directly, or make an offer to the seller. You must be a QuickSell Preferred Partner to be able to participate in QuickSell Auctions

You can become a QuickSell Preferred Partner in 3 easy steps. Go to ‘QuickSell Preferred Partner’ tab on your Storemanager and click on ‘Become QuickSell Preferred Partner’. Get a QuickSell Preferred Partner Badge & grow your business

Choose the vehicle you wish to bid on. Place bid according to the current bid mentioned. Auctions run for 1 hour, 6 hours or 24 hours based on listings. Once the auction is over on that listing and if you are the highest bidder, you will get a notification. You now need to pay token amount within 2 hours (or 12 hours depending on the time of auction completion). Once you pay the token amount in the stipulated time, you can get the vehicle from the seller within 48 hours

Yes, if you are a QuickSell Preferred Partner. Just click on “QuickSell Alerts” under QuickSell in Storemanager, choose individual fields or a combination of various fields. Based on these alerts, you will see the listings in “QuickSell Marketplace” and get notifications as messages and email.

Click on “Offers I Made On QuickSell” from your Storemanager to view all your offers, bids and auction status.

If for some reason you fail to pay token amount within 2 hours (12 hours in case auction ends after 7pm), you can no longer buy the vehicle. You can still participate in other auctions