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How Droom Works

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Buyer Protection

Droom stands behind each and every buyer with world-class buyer protection program. Droom Buyer Protection covers Token Amount (1% as per category) or the full purchase amount paid if paid to seller via Droom and the buyer can get full refund of the money paid for Committed Buyer or full transaction amount to a seller via Droom.

If a transaction does not close due to the following reasons, buyer gets full refund of the Token Amount or the full transaction amount if paid to seller via Droom under Buy Now pricing formats :

  1. Wrong model
  2. Wrong trim/ variant
  3. Wrong KM driven mentioned
  4. Wrong documents
  5. Wrong exterior color (if the color was mentioned)
  1. Wrong interior color (if the color was mentioned)
  2. Wrong registration state
  3. Wrong features or options
  4. Significantly different from listing description e.g. condition, seller declaration etc.
  5. Documents not ready or the item purchased at Droom in no longer available with the seller



Token Amount is the 2- 3% (depending upon the category) of the final selling price that is paid as advance money by the buyer on Droom’s online platform. Rest 97 - 98% of the final selling price is paid directly to the seller (100% final selling price = 2% token amount + 98% final value payment). It is fully refundable, no questions asked, under Buyer Protection. Once buyer pays the token amount the listing gets deactivated and buyer can meet the seller to test drive and inspect the vehicle before closing the transaction. In case of order cancellation token amount is processed within 5 business days.

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