Buyer Tips
For Buyer
For buyer
  1. Use Best Offer to negotiate on price with the seller.
  2. Read listing description carefully and conduct your research.
  3. In case you’re shopping from a Pro-Seller, visit Pro-Seller page to know more details about the seller.
  4. Read product ratings and reviews, wherever available, to develop more comfort around the product.
  5. Add the item(s) you like into Watchlist - it will help you make comparisons.
  6. Make sure to register as a user for a more personalized view.
  7. Try and close the transaction as soon as possible after paying the Token Amount.
  8. Please know the exact payment preferences listed by the seller before you meet the seller.
  9. Please go through the buyer checklist for closing the transaction before you meet the seller.
* T&C: Information related to interstate vehicle transaction provided above might not be completely accurate.