Buyer Tips
For Seller
For seller
  1. Price your item to sell.
  2. Upload multiple high quality pictures of your item. Please note, images are the key factor to differentiate your listing among thousands of the listings. High quality images ensure a rich experience for the buyers and hence results in quicker and higher sell. Also, upload one minute video of your vehicle to give buyer a better view of your listing.
  3. Droom encourages to upload at least 6 photos of a four-wheeler and 4 photos of a two-wheeler to help buyers in making final decision. For a four-wheeler, images should be taken from front, back, both sides, interior and with open bonnet (engine view). For two-wheeler from front, back and both sides.
  4. Even if the information is optional try and fill as much information as possible while creating a listing.
  5. Become a verified seller to lower anxiety for potential buyers.
  6. If you are a professional seller, consider signing-up for Pro-Seller.
  7. Increase your chances to sell if you offer both pricing formats i.e. Fixed Price and Best Offer.
  8. Try and fill as many trust factors as possible to build higher trust for potential buyers.
  9. Offer Listing Certification Package offering Premium reports for Orange Book Value (giving certification of price), Eco Inspection (providing certification of vehicle's condition), Droom History (giving information about vehicle's background and building trust).
  10. Be very concise and professional in filling out housekeeping items.
  11. Opt for longer duration of listing to increase your chances to sell.
  12. Close transaction as soon as possible after the commitment fee (token amount) has been paid.
  13. Please go through the seller checklist for closing of the transaction before you meet the buyer.
  14. Please pay full attention to seller declaration to win credibility with the potential buyers.
  15. Please opt for diagnostic report to increase your likelihood to sell.
  16. Please use social sharing to promote your listing at Droom.