What is Peace of Mind Package?

The Peace of Mind Package is a single package comprising of Droom’s Ecosystem Services (Orange Book Value Premium Report, History Platinum Report and Full Circle Trust Score Premium Report) .

Buyer can add Peace of Mind package or can customize the inclusions of the premium reports while adding to the cart.

Unique features

  1. If seller already purchased any certification tools (OBV or History Platinum) during listing creation, then premium reports will be available for download free of cost in the listing details page, in the Services Available section.
  2. Once you purchase Peace of mind package, then premium reports will be send to your registered email ID, and you can download the report any time from My Account/Storemanager.
  3. As a buyer, you can make a more informed decision about the vehicle purchase with this package!

Benefits that you can avail from this package are:

  1. Buyer will have an option to buy peace of mind package without paying token amount for the vehicle
  2. If any premium reports are already available for that listing, then download option will be available in the Features section in listing details page
  3. The pricing of the package will be customized according to the available premium reports
  4. If reports are not available once order placed, then amount will be refunded to the buyer for that report
  5. Buyer can purchase one or two reports from the Peace of Mind package. In this case, Selling Price of the selected reports will be incurred

Different Scenarios and Pricing:

S.No Scenario OBV History FCTS RSP Deal Price
1 If all three reports are available 277 199
2 If History report is not available 128 99
3 If OBV data is not available for the listing 178 149
4 If OBV report already bought by seller during listing creation 178 178
5 If History report is already bought by the seller during listing creation 128 128
Peace Of Mind