Toyota Innova’s Hidden Features You Must Know About

  • Published On: 28 June 2019

Here are some secret features of Toyota Innova not known to many customers.

Toyota Innova has been a smash hit in India and has average monthly sales of nearly 7,000 units. The MPV is very famous in the taxi market and among private users as well. Even some famous celebs are fans of the Toyota Innova and use one on a regular basis. The Japanese marker offers Innova Crysta in India in 3 engine configurations that include a 2.4-litre (diesel), 2.8-litre (diesel), and a 2.7-litre (petrol). The MPV is very reliable and the customers swear by its longevity and trustworthy nature.

However, apart from all the aforementioned merits of the Japanese MPV, there are some secret features of the Innova that a lot of its users do not know about, let alone other people. So let’s take a look and find out what there features are.

Motorized Boot Door

Yes you read it right. One does not need to slam the door of a Innova shut like other cars in the market. Granted, there are several other cars that offer the same feature, however Innova users mostly do not know that their car comes with a motorized boot door. The soft close feature enables you to close the boot area by just bringing the door as close to the lock as possible and giving it a soft push. As the door reaches close to the lock, the motors get to their duty and apply enough force to shut the door securely. This is a major safety feature as boot door slamming sometimes leads to unfortunate incidents such as a hurt hand or a cracked rear windshield.

Phone Charger in Infotainment

Usually other cars only reads a media device connected to the USB port of the infotainment system and one has to use a separate port with an adapter and a 12V socket to charge the phone. However, in the standard infotainment of the Innova you can just use the USB present on the unit to charge your phone on the go.

Cannot Leave Keys Inside

Yes, a lot of cars come with this feature. Although what makes Innova’s feature distinct is that the car will refuse to lock once you leave the keys inside. Yes, the doors will not lock and a warning will be displayed on the instrument cluster once Innova detects that the key has been left inside the car. This makes the Innova a pretty safe bet for people who often forget their keys in the car.

Automatic Gearbox Trick

An automatic car’s battery going out of charge is the stuff of every owner’s nightmare. This not only makes the towing near impossible, it cause a lot of problem as well. However, Innova’s automatic variants come with a small area near the top right of its gearbox. One can pull the tab here and use the car’s key to open the gearbox and bring the car to neutral to tow the MPV away.

Disable Airbags

No, this is no stunt, in fact Innova leads the segment as far as safety is concerned. However, if one is not using the front co-passenger seat of the MPV, the airbag for the seat can be disabled. This helps a lot in case the MPV is in a crash as the airbags there won’t deploy saving you from additional expenses. All one has to do is take the key and insert it in the area marked on the front left side of dashboard, the hole is marked with turn direction to disable the front airbag. This feature must only be used if the front seat of the MPV is never used.

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