Now Pay Hourly Fine For Abandoning Vehicles on the Roads of Bengaluru; Report

  • Published On: 28 June 2019

Abandoned vehicles to attract hourly fines in Bengaluru.

The traffic jams of the capital city of Karnataka – Bengaluru – are well known and have spawned several parodies on the internet as well. Although the traffic situation in the entire country is very bad at this point thanks to the ever growing number of cars on the road, the conditions in Bengaluru are especially bad. In order to curb this growing menace of the city, the local traffic police has devised a new plan that will at least help in keeping the roads of the city decongested.

There are reports stating that the traffic police in Bengaluru has already started imposing fines on the owners who have left their vehicles parked on the roads of the city. This is being done to decongest the roads of the city where the road space is placed at a high premium due to the high population and the number of vehicles on the streets. The fine for such owners is Rs 50 per hour. The fine will be issued on an hourly basis and the owners will be asked to pay for the same. The new fine will also include the towing charges if the need to do so arises.

This new fine can prove to be huge deterrent for the reckless people who park their vehicles on the side of the road, taking up the space meant for unrestricted plying of vehicles. This will also stop the people from leaving their broken down cars on the side of the road. This abandoning of cars creates a permanent problem for the people who drive on these roads. Even the vehicles that breakdown are often left on the roads by the owners, but the new fine will force them to get their vehicles towed to the local workshop and hence stop the useless congestion of roads.

Talking about the new initiative of the Bengaluru traffic police, the Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) P Harishekaran stated,

“A lot of vehicles which are not in working condition are left on the main roads. These vehicles should be immediately sent to a garage or sold to scrap dealers if they can’t be repaired. Leaving these vehicles in public places will cause obstruction to the movement of traffic. Taking this into consideration, we have started a drive against abandoned vehicles and have started towing them away after sending them several notices. From now on we are planning to send them a notice asking them to pay Rs 50 on an hourly basis,”

This new initiative provides no exemption to any vehicles plying on the streets of the city. We sincerely hope that the new initiative of the Bengaluru traffic police returns the desired results so that the city’s roads are decongested and public gets a reprieve.  

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