Nexzu Mobility was the Driven By Partner at Mithibai College Annual Fest

  • Published On: 25 February 2023

Nexzu Mobility becomes the co-sponsor of Mithibai College Annual Fest Kshitij

Nexzu mobility was the ‘Driven By’ partner at the Mithibai College Annual Fest - Kshitij. India’s leading homegrown e-mobility brand was the co-sponsor and played a crucial role in the fest’s success. 

Talking about the Mithibai College Annual Fest - Kshitij, a huge crowd of students and audience were seen participating in several cultural events, para events, performing arts, business events, and many more. Besides this, participants from different colleges were even offered free test drives of Nexzu Mobility’s e-cycles: Rompus+ and Roadlark. The team at Nexzu Mobility collaborated with students for inspiring and interesting interactions. There were many Nexzu Mobility themed events like news reporting, portrait photography, and street photography that took place at the fest. The e-mobility brand received an overwhelming response from the crowd. However, the Roadlark 100 kms range was the centre of attraction. Besides these, the top-performing students and contingents received Nexzu’s feature-rich e-cycles as awards. 

“Nexzu Mobility’s portfolio of cutting-edge products exudes dynamic energy that matches today’s youth perfectly. It’s a seamless choice for fitness. Product methodology is a perfect blend for today’s fashion and style. This new generation is much more cautious about the environment and the use of eco-friendly vehicles is important to them. It was, therefore, exciting to witness so many students showing interest and enthusiasm around our offerings. The event encompassed such talented and unique performances – it was indeed a resounding success," as commented by Pankaj Tiwari, CMO, Nexzu Mobility. 

Talking about Nexzu Roadlark, it comes equipped with two batteries - in-frame (5.2AH) and detachable(8.7AH). The e-cycle runs on a powerful BLDC, 250W, 36V motor. It offers a mileage of 100 km and a top speed of 25 kmph. The Nexzu Rompus+, on the other hand, runs on a powerful HUB BLDC, 250W, 36V motor. It further comes with an in-frame 36V, 5.2AH Lithium-Ion battery. Having said this, it gives an impressive 750 cycle battery life and a full charge in just 2.5 to 3 hours. The e-cycle can achieve a top speed of 25 kmph. 

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