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Get Set Helmet

Please login to your account on Droom.in and refer to My account section to easily check your order status.

Also, check your emails and SMS which are sent by us for informing you about the order status
- It may take longer to purchase the helmet during Get Set Helmet deal due to heavy traffic on Droom.in website, as there are lakhs of online users trying to place an order simultaneously during the promotion time.
- The orders are only placed on 1st come 1st serve basis and there is a limited quantity during each deal
Following can be the reasons for your helmet order cancellation or refund:
- You have ordered more than 1 helmet during the deal
- You have violated any of the terms and conditions of Get Set Helmet deal
- You have provided incomplete/wrong shipping details such as Name, Phone No, Address, PIN code, City & State
- You have placed the order from any non-serviceable location by picking the pin code of any nearest serviceable area.
We do not offer refund in all the cases. In some of the cases (e.g., broken visor, missing screw, scratches on helmet body) we provide compensation, and the amount may vary from deal to deal depending upon the offer price of the merchandise. Refund is done only in the cases when the helmet body is broken.

Following are the guidelines for sharing the images for damaged product with us:
1. Click and send 6 images covering all 6 sides of the box.
2. Click and send 6 images covering all sides of product.
3. The Invoice/tracking details on box should be clearly visible in the picture.
4. Damage should be clearly visible in the images.

Please send images of the broken helmet with the broken area clearly visible in the picture at support@droom.in. As soon as the images are approved by our internal verification team, we will initiate a refund of the amount paid by you at the time of purchasing the helmet.

Note: Customer has to raise a dispute or directly share the images within 5 days from the date of delivery post which the claim stands null and void.
You can use the unique tracking code provided to you for tracking the exact location of the helmet and when it will be received. You will receive the unique tracking code through SMS or email and can be checked on website of respective courier partner.
If all the shipping details provided by you are correct and complete, you may expect to receive the helmet within minimum 7 working days. However, If the shipping details provided by you are incomplete/ incorrect, the order may take longer than 7 working days or may get cancelled if the courier partner is unable to trace your location for delivery after repeated attempts.