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Pricing formats are different options under which a buyer can buy a vehicle at different prices, offered by a seller. At Droom a user can sell or buy through three pricing formats - Fixed Price, Best Offer and Auctions. Only registered buyers/sellers can buy or sell using these selling formats.
Fixed Price: In this format the selling price is fixed and a buyer can’t negotiate on it.
Best Offer: In this format the buyer and seller can negotiate on the price and agree upon one. A buyer can give up to 5 best offers to a seller for a vehicle, and it is seller’s choice to accept or reject an offer. Multiple buyers can give a best offer for a vehicle.
Auction: In this format bidding process is used to sell a vehicle wherein vehicle is sold to the highest bidder after the reserved price is met. Droom provides minimum bid value and multiple buyers can simultaneously participate in bidding.
Droom stands with each and every buyer through its world class Buyer Protection Program. Under this program money paid by a buyer as a Token Amount is fully covered and refundable. That means as a buyer you can get full refund of the money paid using Droom’s platform as Token Amount or full transaction amount to the seller, in case transaction is not completed.
Through our Droom Auction pricing format, Droom Auction allows buying and selling of automobiles using a bidding process wherein vehicle is sold to highest bidder. By providing this trading mechanism, we allow buyers to buy vehicles at unique prices. Registered buyers can participate in the auction and can make unlimited bids. Droom Auction specifies the minimum bid value and also the minimum bid increment value. Listing gets deactivated when auction is over, or the highest bidder pays the 2% - 3% token amount. The highest bidder is obligated to buy the vehicle, and can meet the seller to close the deal.