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A dispute is a buyer’s/seller’s concern over the transaction for which he/she has paid the token amount.
A dispute can be raised from My account/Store manager by going into orders under buying and selling tab against the orders with the button "Raise a Dispute".

Step 1:Login to My Account/Store Manager
Step 2: Choose Buying/Selling
Step 3 : Go to Orders
Step 4: Choose the order/Search the order
Step 5: Raise a dispute/Cancel order.
A dispute can be raised prior to marking an order as complete or before the Transaction Closure period of 5 days. Once you have marked the order as complete or the 5 days of Transaction closure period is over, the option to raise a dispute will no longer be available. You can choose to raise a dispute against any order before it is completed by clicking ‘Raise a Dispute’ button or by cancelling the order with a reason citing seller’s issue.
Once you have raised a dispute, you will receive an email stating the dispute you have just created and the other party will respond to your query with by accepting your concern or denying or providing a resolution. If they accept your concern, then dispute is resolved or if they deny then it comes to Droom for settlement of the case. Upon receiving the case, Droom’s dispute resolution team looks into the matter thoroughly and may contact you for resolving the dispute up to your satisfaction.
A dispute settlement generally takes around 3-5 days to understand the concern and take appropriate action based on availability of the parties involved.