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Sign-up and Onboarding

You can register and create your account on Droom to buy/sell any vehicle or automobile services. It is easy to register on droom.in. or any of the Droom mobile apps. You can either type "www.secure.droom.in/user/signup" in your browser or Click "My Droom" given on top of home page and then click "Create an Account" button to register on Droom. Then, enter all the required details and click on “create account” button.
While entering details make sure to choose you are an Individual Seller or a Pro-Seller. You can also download Droom mobile app for Android or iOS users and register by filling the required details
Seller settings include your viewing and shipping details, payment preferences, and other details about your business. You can update or edit your Seller Settings any time using mobile app or website. You can login to your Store Manager account on Droom and select choose seller settings from menu and make the required changes.
Following are the steps to recover your password:

Step 1: Click the login button
Step 2: Choose “Forget Password” option available on the page.
Step 3: Enter your reregistered email id
Step 4: Check “I’m not robot”
Step5: Click “Reset password” button.

You will receive an email from Droom with a link to reset your password
Login to your Store Manager and go to My Account. Under it, choose My Profile option. Using this you can change your name, handle name, email address, phone number, password and more. Make sure to verify your email id and phone number through OTP to be a verified seller and get more business exposure.